Innovative Attitude - the book

Advance Notice of Innovative Attitude: Creativity at Work, a book that Dr. Brill is completing.

Innovative Attitude: Creativity at Work is the result of Dr. Brill's examination of the human side behind hundreds of innovations, covering many disciplines and organizations. This informative book will indicate a common, yet mostly ignored, factor that drives people to become more innovative.  Readers will appreciate why everyone in an organization should have an Innovative Attitude, and they will learn how to stimulate that attitude.  What's most important, however, is that Dr. Brill will provide practical, and easy-to-implement, recommendations. He shares a new way to look at creativity, and relates his theme to intuition, focus, team playing, collaboration, and learning.

The book uses fascinating examples—in business, the arts, and sports—to indicate what it takes to think of, and follow up on, great ideas.

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