"The Innovative Attitude: 
Got It? Get It!!"

Guaranteed to make a difference!

Want a fascinating speaker who will say something new—and practical?  Want a speaker who will leave the audience highly motivated with a message they'll remember years later?  Then invite Winston J. Brill, Ph.D. to present a talk, keynote or workshop.

Winston doesn't merely give advice.  What he does do, with a simple model and amusing examples, is give listeners a visceral feel of the forces that drive innovation--in any discipline.

They'll see what it takes for anyone to come up with a great idea.  They'll learn how to direct ideas, evaluate them, and pursue the great ones.  They'll find out how to overcome the many barriers that usually confront great ideas.  They'll know how to be creative when times are the toughest.  And they'll understand why the excuse, "I'm too busy to be creative," is no longer valid.

Winston's approach to innovation and ideas scores a bull's eye for its real-world appeal to challenges all employees must overcome. The audience will be stimulated by his entirely new way (honed over more than a decade) to think about creativity. And, they'll be impressed with his easy-to-implement suggestions. They will see how to apply the lessons to their own setting and prove to themselves that they work. And they do, consistently!

He has no qualms about pulling the audience into the fray. These high-content and energized talks—with fascinating anecdotes—deliver a unique outlook on creativity and innovation.  Before the talk is over, everyone will assess (in private) his or her own Innovative Attitude.  

Presentations can be 30- to 90-minute talks or half- to two-day workshops.  They will be customized to suit the audience's specific needs.  Anyone, at any level, in any organization will enjoy the talk and find it valuable (see bottom of page for a sample of organizations).

The keynote is ideal for opening or closing an annual meeting, retreat, conference, or award ceremony.  

Besides "The Innovative Attitude: Got It? Get It!!," titles of his presentations include "Taking the Mystery Out of Creativity" and "Capture Creativity and Savor Success."

Winston guarantees an inspiring experience with significant impact!

"Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are busy doing it!" - Chinese proverb


    "To summarize the audience questionnaire responses:  You were a SMASH HIT!"
    Jessica Taylor, Concept Solution Engineer, Sage Products

    "Vivid images supporting very engaging insights!"

    Robert Stephen Anthony, Associate Technology Principal, Kraft Foods

    "Great content." "Excellent…one of the best." "Very inspirational."
    Marketers' Creativity Camp anonymous reviews

    "Great roadmap to institutionalize creativity!!"  
    Dave Hawke, Group Vice President, Brady Corp.

    "I've been using your fascinating model.  It works!"
    Roger Lundberg, Director, Engineering Operations, DaimlerChrysler

    "What an eye-opener!!!!"
    Jonette L. Evans-Payne, Product Specialist, Stepan Company

    "A very useful model for understanding how to stimulate innovation and creativity."
    Scott A. Armstrong, Ph.D., Director, Space Systems Engineering, ITT Aerospace/Communications

    "You provided ideas to inspire, motivate and build enthusiasm.  Thanks!"
    David A. Glover, Innovation Manager, Alberto-Culver

Appleton Papers
BioRenewal Technologies
Borden Chemicals
Cadbury Schweppes
Cleveland Cliffs Mining
Corporacion Biotec (Colombia)
DSM Desotech
Glaxo Wellcome (Italy)
Hershey Foods
Hughes Christensen
Kraft Foods
Lipton Tea
Nalco Chemical
Oscar Mayer
Pemex (Mexico)
Procter & Gamble (US & Switzerland)
Reckitt Benckiser (England)
S.C. Johnson Wax
Seminis (Mexico)
SmithKline Beecham
Union Carbide

Boston University
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University
University of Georgia
University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico)
University of Wisconsin

National Meetings (mostly keynote)
American Phytopathological Society
American Society for Microbiology
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Connective Tissue Society
Creatividad Empresarial (Peru)
Gatlinburg Symposium
Independent Business Association
Japan Agricultural Council (Japan)
Marketers' Creativity Camp
Product Development & Mgmt Assn.
Small Business Innovation Consortium
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Taiwan Innovation Symposium (Taiwan)

Non-Profit Organizations

Army Medical Research Institute
CIMMYT (Mexico)
Head Start
Madison Public Schools System
Rotary Clubs
United Nations
U.S. Department of Agriculture
World Bank

Contact Dr. Brill for further information: 425-898-1077 (Redmond, WA) wbrill@WinstonBrill.com